Peterborough Removal

Mobile: 07962 075260

Based in Peterborough I offer a friendly and affordable service in and around the Peterborough area.

3 piece suites, Double beds, Wardrobes.

WE ALSO OFFER A light removals and courier service, or just those urgent little jobs that need doing.

WHY USE Peterborough Removal?
Add the cost of renting a van, buying fuel, and the time it takes to do it
all then you will realize that Peterborough Removal is not only economical but logical.
Don't forget the aches and pains that go hand in hand with physical labour
not to mention the more serious injuries such as pulled muscles and back injury.

If you prefer: Let Peterborough Removal, move larger items and you move smaller ones.

Garden Waste, Rubbish or Tip Runs

Sorry but we do not do Garden Waste or Rubbish Run's to the Tip.
Should you require house clearances then please contact us to discuss this matter. For long distance moves please also contact us.

Man Van Removals Tips

Packing and undoing
If you decided to make your own packing are then sure of using strong containers and or guarantee that they are not over filled. Do not pack all your books and heavy items all into one box as we will be unable to lift it. Please ensure that all box lids are shut to enable to stack boxes into our vehicles.

Disassemble pieces of furniture
Be sure to disassemble all pieces of furniture, taking down all curtains, removal of all mirror/heavy doors from all wardrobes and other installations and fittings prior to the arrival of our team.

Lofts and lofts
Dont forget to check that you have emptied the contents of your loft.

Important documents
Put all your important documents in a container/case and separated from all your household goods. Plan to carry these with you when you travel.

Machines / refrigerators of cooks / washing and freezers
These all should to be disconnected, cleaned, drained and dried before the arrival. To avoid damage, the drums of automatic washing machines must be protected with the necessary transit bolts provided by the producer.

Stereo system, video and computer equipment
This equipment is the best displaced in its original packing. The record bridge and the arm rows of your acoustical chain should be protected for transit in accordance with producers' instructions before the team arrives.

Before the packing, grip all covers of jars and screw on tops of bottles. Remember that the articles of food cannot be taken in the store.

The contents of garages and deliveries of garden
These should be organized well beforehand and instruments must be cleaned, tied together and any waste should be cleared out.

Please assist us by making as much room as soon for the parking, loading of at least 2 van lengths to enable to load and unload at both ends and from the sides.

Long-term storage
The additional steps must be made with household appliances, which will be kept more than three months. Washing machines and dishwasher have to be absolutely drained by some water too as humidity, mildew and the seizure of parties elements can happen when these appliances are not used during a considerable term.

Movement of your plants
The packing of your plants in the newspaper protects them from air currents and stops leaves to be damaged. Once in your new home put them in a warm space and do not unpack them until all activity comes to a conclusion. In summer it is recommended not to leave your plants in a hot car or in the sun.